Our San Antonio & Metro Surrounding Community

MIG’s team believes in giving back to our community. We often tell others that we don’t just work in San Antonio, we live here too! Our staff and their families go to school here and shop local to support our community businesses. We serve and have served in a list of various community boards or committees in and around our area contributing our time and resources when and where possible. The majority of our staff members have proudly served in the military, so “service & commitment” are natural for all of us. .In fact, we actively seek new employees that have a military background or that come from military families to join our team. Our MIG team has included Navy, Marine, Air Force, & Army Veterans, as well as dependents of military veterans who have served our country with honor both in combat and peace time. This commitment for service naturally over flows into our business model and company’s service philosophy. In short, we don’t make promises, we make commitments you can trust and depend on.

For decades, the team at Martin Insurance Group, LLP has always believed that part of doing business in our community requires contributions from all of us. Our team of experts include a U.S. Army Veteran, a U.S. Marine Veteran and dependents of military veterans that served our country with pride and honor. In addition, we have served as volunteers and/or participated and contributed to a number of community organizations, churches, and area fundraisers. Over the years, some of them have included:

• San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Exposition Board of Directors
• Life Member & Committee Volunteer San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Exposition
• Contributor: Top 20 VIP Buyers – San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Auction

• Volunteer: El Rey Feo Organization
• Service as Night Aide in the El Rey Feo Johnny Gabriel Royal Court
• Volunteer: Miss Fiesta Fundraising Committee Member

Additional Memberships & Charitable Organizations:

• Membership: Texas Longhorn Breeders Association
• Membership: Texas & South Texas Cattle Raiser Association
• Membership: Vietnam Veterans of America Association
• Membership: The American Legion
• Membership: VFW: Veterans of Foreign Wars
• Membership: Disabled Veterans of America
• Parishioners: St. Mark the Evangelist Church, Saints Peter & Paul Church

Professional Memberships:

• Membership: The National Association of Insurance & Financial Agents
• Membership: The Texas Association of Health Underwriters
• Membership: The San Antonio Association of Health Underwriters
• Membership: The National Association of Health Underwriters
• Membership: Chartered Life Underwriter – The American College
• Membership: Associated General Contractors of San Antonio
• Certified: State of Texas HUB Certified Contractor