Martin Insurance Group, LLP

Property & Casualty

We have Alliance Partnerships that share our personal service business models. Bringing years of experience, they are able to help you meet your general liability, business auto, property & casualty needs.

It’s important to make sure that your business is protected in many of the common events that can transpire as your company increases its liability, whether through adding more employees, upgrading office facilities, or providing work vehicles and other equipment for company use.  Having insufficient coverage, or even the wrong type of coverage for the products or services offered by your business can leave your company exposed to financial risk.  We can help make sure that your expectations needs are met when it comes to the type and amount of property & casualty insurance you need for your business.


We are proud to be able to provide the same level and quality of service that the Martin Insurance Group is known for to these new coverage products, which helps us in our goal to be the point of contact for all of your business’s insurance needs.