Martin Insurance Group, LLP

Employee Benefits

Second only to customers, your employees are the lifeblood of your organization; hiring and retaining talent that can help your business grow is extremely important!

That is where our employee benefits solutions come in.

Martin Insurance Group’s hands-on approach allows us to tailor benefit solution options to your employee’s individual needs, as well as scale services to as few as two employees in an organization. With basic employee information, we can create policy options in multiple tiers and price points to allow your workers the ability to choose what plan is right for them.  For questions or concerns, we are only a phone call away!  On-site consultations are available as well, to handle services in-person and make sure all of your employee’s needs are met.

We recognize that every company’s needs are going to be different- and that is where we shine!  By having MIG’s team of highly experienced & certified professionals that takes the detailed time to consult with you on the best options available to meet your specific needs, you will easily save  many hours of your time and money.  So do not get stuck with coverage that does not suit you!

If you have employees with unique contractual terms or other short- and long-term agreements, keep in mind that we have versatile policies that will address your specific needs.  We establish different classifications and parameters for whatever your employee situation is and all while maintaining and ensuring compliance to state & federal guidelines.

At Martin Insurance Group, we bridge the gap between an insurance broker that deals with life, disability, and health insurance products, and an investment firm that only focuses on retirement plans and savings; this gives us the ability to provide unparalleled service to our clients, no matter what their business needs are.