Agent or Broker? – Many individuals believe these are one in the same, but this is not the case. They both act as liaisons between insurers and buyers, and both require the appropriate licenses to do so.

However –
An Insurance “Agent” is a captive representative of one carrier, and their role is to solely promote that one carrier and bring in new business for that carrier.
An Insurance “Broker” is an individual who represents a private client (buyer), and has access to many different insurance carriers. A Broker’s role is to solely represent their clients’ best interest by the means of risk management and consulting, in addition to a variety of other possible administration services.
Remember – not all Brokers are created equal. If they represent themselves as “consultants” make sure to ask for a copy of their professional credentials, typically earned through a higher learning institute (like a degree). Also, ask what other services do they take on after a policy is placed in force.
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